The Brothers

Brothers Merchandise is Dave and Mike Beer.
Both of us have been touring merch reps for over 20 years and have done everything from tiny clubs, riding around in a van and trailer to working 10,000+ person arena tours. We have been fully immersed in every aspect of this industry for more than half of our adult lives.

Our Story

It didn’t start with us though, It began with our oldest brother Russell Beer.

Russ was an extremely successful investment banker living in San Francisco, making tons of money, and hating every second of his job. So he quit…

Knowing nothing about the music industry, Russ moved to LA, took every penny he had, and started a small record label. He quickly became friends with guys like Chino Moreno of Deftones, Paige Haley, and Jay Gordon from Orgy, and especially close with Danny Carey of TOOL. Russ put Dave on his first gig, fresh out of college as the tour manager for 16 Volt, direct support for Pigmy Love Circus, Danny Carey’s side project at the time.

From there it was history, Dave learned the business, but sales were where he excelled, so naturally he ended up as a full-time merch rep. Dave trained Mike at age 19 and both of us have been touring ever since.

Russell and Danny were both deeply fascinated by the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the occult. So much so that Russell in his early 30s decided to get 1 tattoo, a Unicursal hexagram over his heart.

Unfortunately, Russell passed away in 2018, but he is the reason we are where we are today. In honor of Russell, we use the unicursal hexagram in the company’s imagery.